A Solution for Pre-analytical Blood Sample Transport Quality Control


Tuesday, August 6, 1 – 1:50 p.m.
Exhibit Hall, Theater 3
Supported by Motryx Inc.


Incoming sample quality plays an important role in the accuracy and timing of clinical results, influencing diagnostic decisions. Whether within or between sites, transport systems (e.g. PTS or courier) are a black box: what do samples experience as they move from the point of care to the lab? Instead of focusing on specimen integrity upon arrival, our solution is tailored to specimen transport, moving through the entire transport chain, logging temperatures and vibration along the way. Our approach establishes repeatable within-system precision performance characteristics, as well as between-institution comparisons, following CLSI guidelines and to comply with ISO 15189. We present two case studies on how our electronic quality control sample, the VitalTag has contributed to increasing efficiency, reducing pre-analytical errors and costs, accelerating patient flow, and optimizing transport systems.


After attending this session, participants will be able to:

  • Introduce pre-analytical transport-system quality control monitoring in their facilities.
  • Measure blood sample-integrity related stresses during transport.
  • Easily report intuitive, standardized pre-analytical metrics in compliance with International Standards.


Dr. Franziska Broell
Motryx Inc.
Halifax, NS, Canada

Dr. Julie van der Hoop
Data Scientist
Motryx Inc
Halifax, NS, Canada